So... USB-C

Short Sep 26, 2023

USB-C has finally come to the iPhone, AirPods Pro 2nd Gen and... the EarPods!

What a move (forced by the EU, but nevertheless), I'm surprised that they didn't go full wireless, but it's amazing to finally see this kind of development in this area. Now, next step is finally allowing sideloading on iOS...

AirPods Pro and iPhone 15 connected via USB-C

Besides that, they unveiled some new (Insert eerie voice here) TITANIUM phones... which more or less contain $30 worth of titanium in them according to YouTuber Zack (from JerryRigEverything).

So yeah... USB-C. What a wanderlust event, huh? Besides the Dynamic Island arriving to the base lineup of iPhones, there's not much else to say. There's a new Series 9 Apple Watch (which only has a new improved S9 processor) and a new Apple Watch Ultra (with the same exact upgrade as the aformentioned one). Oh! And the new AirPods have a new H2 chip, which allows them to use the 5GHz spectrum to connect to the Vision Pro in lossless quality, nifty, huh?